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Ah, Spring Break

I am in opera_queen's apartment typing away (unlike her, not in my underwear), enjoying life. That's right, I'm on Spring Break, and I find that I'm finally starting to "chill out".

My boyfriend travelled up with me, and last night we ate dinner with my father and step-mother. Mmmmm.... deepfried tofu and black bean sauce. We also saw "300" at the movie theatre. Awesome cinematography. I think Frank Miller did a good job. Not one I would buy though, pure blood and guts is not usually my thang.

And we went to Chapters and bought "The Sex Bible". Very educational, to say the least. *laughs* And no, I didn't get "pie" last night. We went to the movies, and I fell asleep while he ordered Dominoes. We had a date, and it was nice.