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My Grade 9 English class is wrapping up their poetry unit. They have to pick out what they think is their "best" poetry and compile it in a portfolio. One assignment, student read This is a Photograph of Me By Margaret Atwood, and had to mimick the style of the poem and include a picutre of themselves.

This one amazed me beyond mere words and simple emotions...

This is A Photogrph Of Me Poem
By S.M.

I look out my window,
Gloomy darkness surrounded by silence
Everyday stays
the same
Dreaded and unwanted

Going to school,
A presence of hatred stalks me
As I walk.
Lurking around the shadow
That surrounds and encloses in,
I turn around and see evil
He points and laughs at me along
With his...

The acid rain pours out of my eyes,
Home is where I am safe
And away from it all,
I run; panic
I stop breathing
But the thud in my chest is still heard
Until it fades away

(I am left with that feint memory, and nothing more.
Because that was the day I killed myself.

White light shines on my soft skin
As the sun rises,
My body is rejoiced with the
I never got to experience
Yes, everyday stays the same
But now this new feeling
Overwhelms my entire body

I twirl in circles
My long white gown with me,
And my feet delicately life
From the ground
For I,
I am now an angel.)