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LJ rename and permanent accounts

Eeeeeenteresting.... *scratches chin*

New LJ news: permanent accounts are going to be up for grabs again. I like how they gave warning this time. So, I'm going to see if I can spare $150 US by June. Realistically, of course I can't spare it, but I've used this site a LOT longer than I thought I would, and it would be nice not having to worry about paying for another year or being demoted in status. *chuckles* Yes, my LJ status is important to me....

As well, they have purged all usernames that have expired and now they are up for grabs. For only $15, I could reinvent myself. My past journalling would be transfered over, and nothing would be lost. Should I shorn off this skin to one that may be more appealing? I could even design my new name, and, if it should be taken, sign up for notification and LJ will email me once it becomes available.

Ooooooo, the monetary possibilities....