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Bloody Hangovers


Things I remember:
  • Going over to Skullet Man's house
  • Drinking
  • Looking at some computer crap
  • Doing a 26 oz. worth of Sour Puss shooters with my supervisor
  • Finishing off my alcohol
  • Going to a bar
  • Ordering a few Brown Cows
  • Running into my Lead Hand from work and drinking with him
  • Standing outside and watching the "closing time" fights
  • Going back to Skullet Man's house and eating his cheese bread
  • Talking to Skinner Boy on the phone
  • Waking up in Skullet Man's bed 3 hours later
  • Dragging my sorry ass back the 35 or so blocks from his house to mine

And no, I behaved myself. Cheeky monkeys. I feel like I can once again become human after my shower. I'm going to sleep / pass out for a few more hours before I make my way to Cheap Old Bastard's place for free food.


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Jul. 7th, 2003 10:44 am (UTC)
a daily adventure
Oh dreamfilled, how your tales amuse me. I certainly hope you weren't drinking at a certain country bar in which the patrons hide in terror when you approach? I'm not sure if I've seen you really intoxicated. Do you become more or less verible? I can remember you telling me to stay away from your friend but I'm not sure if either of us were that drunk. Ah well memories. Just remember, a little hair of the dog cures everything, and by that I mean listen to Nazareth "hair of the dog" or to a lesser extent,Guns and Roses "hair of the dog" remix. Nothing cures a hang over better.

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