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To Rock Or Not To Rock

I'm at Cheap Old Bastard's place doing laundry right now. They should have never given me a house key.

It appears that I have unwittingly (and I would appreciate the lack of "witless" jokes I'm sure are coming) caused myself a dilemma. Penguin phoned me tonight. He's coming into town tomorrow and talked about jetting to Saskatchewan (one province to the west, for those not familiar with the beautiful plains of Canada) on Friday for a rock festival. I said SURE! Sounds great! What could be wrong with that plan?

Second thoughts:
  • I don't get off of work until 3:00 p.m. (usually home by 3:30 p.m.) on Friday and if we leave right after that, we only see 3 bands (best case scenario possible)
  • It will cost me $65 plus tax (not including traveling and such) for this
  • How do I tell Skinner Boy that I'm ditching him for a rock festival?
  • Where the *bleep* am I staying after the concerts?
  • Penguin also talked about stopping by to visit Special K afterward. I'm all for that, except....
  • This weekend is Skinner Boy's and my month long anniversary (I know, how anal-retentive of us)
  • Unless I invite Skinner Boy to Saskatchewan and pay for his ticket
  • Which doesn't solve the fact of no where to stay, and I don't know if it would be appreciated if he suddenly showed up at Special K's and so forth
  • Assuming that Skinner Boy wants to have anything to do with any of this

Wow, that's a lot of points off the top of my head. I can't even phone Penguin back since I only have his cell phone number, and his cell phone is on the frizz. Plus, he's gone to watch "Terminator 3" tonight. Why, God only knows.

Well, regardless, Penguin's coming in tomorrow. So, he can crash at my place tomorrow, (unless Skinner Boy and I have a conflict, then he has the default place of Rocko's) and hopefully, things will fall into place. Or, I'll settle with not falling on my face.

Also, I've been porking out like crazy and now my stomach hurts. Moan and groan and complain.