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We are thinking about renting out a level of our house (2 rooms and 1 bathroom). My boyfriend is unable to work right now, and is submitting paperwork for EI (Employment Insurance). We had talked about people we wanted to rent to, and we both decided that we didn't want to rent to any of our friends. That would be too weird or possibly complicated. And some of my friends drive him nuts. *rolls eyes and grins*

So, D put a little note in his FaceBook about the possibility and a nursing student replied. She's even in a worse place than your are, Blenky! She is a friend of a friend and a quiet person. She has a 3 year old son. So, I'm cleaning house. All D can really do at this moment is lay down and occasionally whimper. His MRI is sceduled for the 23rd.

When did life decide to get so hard? I'm glad I got my second job now, even though it was supposed to help us "get ahead". I have the feeling that we are just before the big financial storm....

"God only gives me what I can handle, though I wish that He didn't trust me so much." - Mother Teresa