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School is in session for another year. I briefly met my Grade 9s today after their orientation assembly, and started shoveling out my room. At least now they have room to sit tomorrow. *rolls eyes*

There was an occasional parent that came with their kid to the intro assembly. I met one, and she pulled me aside. She informed me that they just moved into town spring of last year, and her son has been beated up 2 times already for "being different". First thought that popped into my head: Flaming Gay. Actually, I was greeted with my runner-up thought: Lanky Emo. I let mom know that things will be just fine, and went to LE. He looked a bit awkward and I said:

"Hey, I'm Ms. _______ . *insert handshake* You know Nightmare Before Xmas, right? Of course you do, everyone does. Anyway, were you aware that they are re-releasing it in 3D? I kid you not! You will see the pumpkin heads coming right for you! *insert throwing toward kid's face motion*"

He smiled and followed me. I think I've acquired another minion in my bid for world domination. *thumbs up* Already, another one came back in the afternoon to get her schedule, and hung out in my room. It must be my personality. Or the smell of my anti-perspirant. I wore Dove today, and it smells purdy.