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Return to the Land Of The Living

For those who actually voiced concern over my rotting corpse (either to be nice or because of the smell), I thank you. I'm starting to feel back to "normal" again.

Little Red Headed Boy is continually harassing me to buy me a meal for tutoring him. I may phone him for breakfast / brunch today. He's going to keep tracking me down until I go, and last time, he made me promise him that I would call him. Grrrrrrrrrrr. *frowns* Oh well, I'll get a free meal out of it. If it stays down.

I would like to take a moment to give a virtual slap to Opera Queen. *slap* I had some stomach issues going on, and she worked on my delusional state to convince me that I may be pregnant. I knew I wasn't, but "you should get tested, just to make sure. Better safe than sorry". Then, she threatened me, since if all this crap worked out to be true, I couldn't go to Europe with her next summer.

So, I drove (yes, I had access to a car this weekend) and picked up a test. And, of course it was negative. I spent $17 to feed my neurosis (I bought the econo-two pack... I'm sure I'll be neurotic again).

That is all that's new. I need to do laundry. There, you have been caught up with every minuscule detail in this pathetic girl's life.... or, lack thereof.

Update: I just talked to Opera Queen on MSN, and I apologize. She’s having a rotten day. She’s has been hired on a home for mentally challenged individuals to supplement her income. Her client has something called “pica”, which means “I enjoy trying to swallow my clothing without chewing”. I guess it’s a disorder where you eat non-food items. Crazy! You have my respect, because I know I wouldn’t be able to do the Slaughter House O’ Fun, and then deal with someone who tries to eat their clothing. Or worse, mine.

And in utter bad taste, here’s a survey…..

Poll #156227 What Item of Clothing Would You Eat?

If you had "pica", what item of clothing would you choose to devour first?

Some metal studded collar - My doctor said I needed more iron
My Disneyland T-shirt - There is no other way to get rid of it without facing ridicule
Anything black - Because that's all I own
My business tie - Since it always feels that it's strangling me, it's time to fight back
Only name brand clothing - No junk is going into me
Only clothing made out of cotton - I'm animal friendly
What kind of crack are you on, Jez?!?!?
How absolutely insensitive of you! Pica is a real disease, and you shouldn't be making fun of it.