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I've been coughing for 3 weeks now.
Maybe better terms are hacking or barking.

I like trying to answer the following questions each day: Is it going to be a gooby phlegm day? Or a racking cough that rips my throat? A cough that steals my voice? Or a cough that makes me tinkle ever-so-slightly?


In other news... wait, other news? Oh, yeah. Report cards came and went. D's birthday is in one week. I've ordered his present today (after about a month of correspondence with the guy from Toronto). Is it as cool as the mexican wrestling masks? Maybe not, but I think it's up there.

What is it? You will have to wait, since he tends to read my journal occaisonally. HA! YOU THOUGHT YOU WERE GOING TO FIND OUT BEFOREHAND! Nice try, bucko.