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The Return of D

D's back home! Yay! After rolling (tipping) the SUV in a ditch, having a wheel "fall off" while driving, and so on, it's good to have him home and in one piece.

And I gave him his present. It is a 10k gold Superman ring. This is a picture of it off of the net, not really his hand.

I also bought him a wacom tablet (for photo editing and such) for Xmas. And it turns out that he bought himself one while on the trip. *sighs* I know, I swear that he didn't tell me. Really, I think I would remember that. I was telling his dad about it, and he told me about D's purchase. So, I talked to D.... long story short, I got him a better one (Wacom Intuos3 6x8 USB Tablet with Pen and Mouse), so he is going to return the one he purchased and keep mine. *rolls eyes and laughs* So much for surprises Xmas morning. *shrugs*

One thing I didn't write about a few weeks ago is that I finally got a letter from my sponsor child. "For less than a cup of coffee a day", I am sponsoring (they call it fostering) a child in Guatemala (sp?). His name is Cristian and he is 4. It is exciting to have a picture of him and his mom, and a letter from his mom (obviously C. being 4, he is not able to write yet). I mean, her spanish letter, and a rough translation attached. I can't wait to write them back.

Why this suddenly popped into my head is that I got a call from the organization that I go through (non-religious), and they phoned me about a 2 year old boy in Niger. Child trafficking is extremely high there, and the younger a child is, the higher the price they are going to get. So, I'm thinking about sponsoring Abdoul.

It turns out that I am now making a bit more each paycheque. There is still money to put toward debt and such, so I'm not being totally irresponsible. I often do not spend money on myself. I rarely go out, and if I buy toys, it's usually for Baby J or a random gift to someone else. This is how I want to spend my "me money". Not all of it, mind you... just some of it. *grins*