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Copying Soullessflyer

My score on The Animal Archetype Test:

The Wolf

(You scored 48% domestic, 51% gregarious, 32% trickster, and 35% intellect!)

Wild, Gregarious, Serious and Emotional: you are the Wolf!

Wolf people tend to revere individualism, but retain a predominant sense of family. Wolf represents all aspects of sociability, and the need for variety (in internal and external affairs) to remain healthy. Wolf is a strong symbol of loyalty and patience. Wolf medicine is deeply rooted in the importance of learning through teaching, new ideas, freedom of mind and body, and responsibility for self and others.
This test categorized you based on four different axes of personality, which were then associated with a different animal. The four axes, as well as all possible results are explained below.

Wild/Domestic: This first axis categorizes you based on how much you are drawn to the outdoors, versus how much you are drawn to civilized situations. Domesticity has many shapes and forms, and varies from the joy of dolphins leaping next to a ship to the steadfast loyalty of a family dog.

Gregarious/Solitary: This axis measures how solitary you are. If you scored high, it means that you enjoy the company of other people, while a low score indicates that you prefer a more solitary lifestyle.

Trickster/Serious: This axis measures how well you line up with conventional trickster archetypes. People who fall into this archetype have a sense of humor and an excitable, highly chaotic streak. Scoring low doesn't mean that you don't have a sense of humor; it just means that you probably don't think dynamite is very funny.

Intellectual/Emotional: This last axis determines whether you are more emotional -- acting based on feelings and instinct, or rational and intelectual -- acting more on thought than on your gut feelings.

WildGregariousTricksterIntellectual&The Hyena
WildGregariousTricksterEmotional&The Otter
WildGregariousSeriousIntellectual&The Antelope
WildGregariousSeriousEmotional&The Wolf
WildSolitaryTricksterIntellectual&The Weasel
WildSolitaryTricksterEmotional&The Coyote
WildSolitarySeriousIntellectual&The Raven
WildSolitarySeriousEmotional&The Frog
DomesticGregariousTricksterIntellectual&The Fox
DomesticGregariousTricksterEmotional&The Dolphin
DomesticGregariousSeriousIntellectual&The Horse
DomesticGregariousSeriousEmotional&The Dog
DomesticSolitaryTricksterIntellectual&The Rat
DomesticSolitaryTricksterEmotional&The Ferret
DomesticSolitarySeriousIntellectual&The Cat
DomesticSolitarySeriousEmotional&The Squirrel

Link: The Animal Archetype Test
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