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Back Home

I'm back home from a week of being a pseudo teenager. Baby J and I flew out a week ago. Apparently 3 plane rides and an hour car ride is too much on a 4 year old... that's right folks, he puked. A few times. But he's a good puker. Graceful. Just give you 10 second warning, bend over, get your business done, and spit. Thatta boy.

The first couple of nights, I was with Booger, and we watched an anime called "Elfen Lied". It wasn't bad.... still not up to my Hellsing standard. *grins* Heavy D flew in on Sunday, and got to be babied by my mother as well.

The grand prize this holiday season? We got home, and Heavy got notice in the mail that he passed his G.E.D.! WOOHOO! Oh, and we got a Wii.