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No little fluff.

So, it finally happened.

A week from yesterday (the previous Friday), I ran (okay, quickly shuffled) to my section's math class. The kids I teach for Grade 9 English, they have the same math teacher. That day was Pizza Party Day (we brought in the most dried food for the Salvation Army food hampers at Christmas time... 171 pounds, biatches!). Anyway, I quickly grabbed two pieces of cheese pizza and went back to my classroom to teach my Grade 10s.

As I was making fun of my students since I had pizza and they didn't (damn you, Karma), I started to choke on some cheese. As I was hacking up a gooey piece of cheese... it happened.

I farted.
On a plastic chair.
So it had a nice reverberation thang going on.

*shakes head* So, once the laughter subsided, I did a brief lesson on bodily functions. Can't miss those teachable moments. *rolls eyes*


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Apr. 2nd, 2008 01:03 am (UTC)
That is flim flamin' awesome. Only you Miss R, only you.

P.S. You made me laugh out loud in Starbucks and now I look like a crazy person.
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