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Updating like there is no tomorrow....

Wow, nothing like thinking about posting for about a month.... *sighs*

I ate some rancid perogies last night. Turns out our deep-freeze has been unplugged for over a week. Mmmmmmmm...... germy goodness..... I asked D to throw out the $150+ of food in there. That includes the rainbow chocolate chip cookie dough. My heart weeps.

Spring Break is just finishing up here. I just got back from the southern half of the province. I didn't tell anyone except my family that I would be there, since I just wanted to hang out with my Dad. We also went into the next province to visit my grandparents and help out the aboriginal community by spending a few hours at a casino.

My grandma: "You know that saying on how you are supposed to respect and obey your elders? Don't believe it. It's a pile of shit".

I love my grandma. In all of her toothless, cribbage playing, slot machine luvin' glory.

And I did some clothes shopping. Most of my T-shirts, I have been resewing the armpit holes that have formed. It must be the way I take off shirts. I usually grab the end of the left sleeve, pull it above my head until my head pops of the neck hole, and then ceremoniously drop it on the floor. Sometimes in a hamper, even.

Some shirts have become so thin, I could only wear certain colours of bras. And then there were the poor souls that, should have been retired years ago, starting forming holes in random places. I ended up $100 ahead from the casino, so I bought some shirts. As well, I've bought a pair of spiky stretchers for my ear lobes. I'm only at a 14 gauge right now.... but it took me one solid day to stretch from the 18 that I was at. I only wear regular earrings about once or twice a year.

I know, I'm very exciting. With my new barbells in my ears, and some T-shirts that are more modern (one screams "emo"), I started to question myself:
Is this how I am most comfortable?
Am I try to fit some sort of image that people have known me as?
Is this a vain attempt to act and feel younger?

Screw that. It is clothing that is not see through. In my opinion, that just makes me classier.

School has been going well. My new exercise regime, has not. But, it doesn't feel like I'm having a heart attack every time I lay down, so that must be an improvement. Nothing like gaining 50 pounds in 4 years.... *eats another chocolate bar* My step-mom asked me if I'm still on Paxil. Nopers, been over a year now? Anyway, she said that she just read an article in the paper how patients often lose a bit of weight, and then gain enormous amounts.

No fucking kidding.

I was perma-happy. I did not feel one grain of disgust about my changing body until I quit. Then I got revolted and depressed, and needed to go back on Paxil.

Okay, that was a bad joke. Kinda dark, even for me. I guess I'm pretty sarcastic when my stomach is spasming from rancid perogies. Well, it better stop since I'm going out for lunch soon. Hey, does tummy convulsions count as abdominal exercises?

Oh, that wit.

Rambling, ramble, rambled....

And I think I'll stop there. Maybe more tomorrow? Don't count on it.


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Apr. 6th, 2008 09:29 pm (UTC)
question....totally unrelated
every trip to the gym we make is a good thing, and you've gone from openly cussing me out to doing under your breath when I beg you for another 5 minutes on the bike at the end...that's progress!

Question for you. Know that confessions of a college call girl thing? Where it is?
Apr. 11th, 2008 11:54 pm (UTC)
Re: question....totally unrelated
I flatuate in your general direction. MWAHAHAHA.... HA!

Edited at 2008-04-11 11:55 pm (UTC)
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