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I have fallen out of the LJ groove. I think the primary reason is since my computer has moved to the basement 10 months ago, I don't touch it. It's near the washing machine, so the floor is cold, if not slightly wet. No, my computer is not on the floor, but still....

But not all is lost. My room-mate (not D) finally moved out. Mind you, not all of her stuff is gone, but it's getting there. Then her child's room is going to become my office and I can envision hours of revisiting the Sims, Bloodlines: The Masquarade, and Black and White 2.

If I ever get the laundry done.

And I'm going to see Cirque Du Soleil's "Saltimbanco" show in a week. Tres excitee! Did you know that the Cirque Du Soleil enterprise started in Quebec? I learned that when I was teaching the business unit of my "skills for Independent Living" class.

And, since I am laying on my stomach typing on D's laptop and this is not very conducive for computer work.... c'est fini.