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Theatre Goings

I got a drunken text-turned-phone call the other night from some random person (opera_queen). She wanted to know how life is. She feels that she doesn't know since I do not update LJ anymore, and that was her main source of information / entertainment. Well, here we go... (not an update, more like randomness)

Movie going in my town is usually not a pleasant experience. We used to have 2 theatres. The one that OQ worked with was nice. They moved to a second location, had spacious seating, and invested in a beautiful sound system. The older theatre was... well, extremely greasy. The rows of seats were crammed so that anyone tall would end up slightly crippled. Me, not having that issue, still had my knees against the row in front, and my jeans would end up with grease stains. Since they were the ones that didn't have the nice sound system, they compensated by turning up the volume.

Erg. And, as you guess, the nicer theatre shut down.

So, I haven't been to many movies since I have been back in my fair town. I did go a couple of times this past month. They re-spaced the rows, which is glorious, and the sound seems to improved. Or, at least, I don't have a headache afterward. Movies I have seen recently:

Kung Fu Panda - friggin' hilarious! Ignore the lukewarm reviews, this one made me laugh out loud with a bunch of little kids.

Sex in the City - I didn't watch much of the show, but the beginning of the movie catches you up to speed. It was like watching an entire season on DVD, I didn't even notice the 2.5 hours passing. Good times.

Tomorrow we (as a familial unit) see....

The Incredible Hulk (the non-sucky version)

Oh, and Baby J scored his first goal at soccer today. Yet again, tres excitee!