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The Fringe Festival and other occurances

Last week, I was in the City with opera_queen. I actually drove down Thursday night (after D got off of work), and got in about 2 a.m. And OQ and I ended up talking until 5 a.m. Drag my arse off her couch at 1:30 p.m., went to the Olive Garden for some soup, salad, and breadsticks, and then I was on the road again. I had to go to a nearby town for some training with a service group I belong to.

The theme was 70's. With the recommendation of OQ, I bought the fro wig to beat all fro wigs. It came with it's own hair pick, much to my delight. Let's just say, it was lightly raining, and I didn't get wet.

Back to the City on Sunday, and my lovely man creature (D, for those who have not caught on) suggested for me to stay until Wednesday. Since it was the Fringe Festival and 21 venues of plays, with 4-6 plays at each venue, I was estatic. Here is a brief rundown of the plays I saw:

Evil Doers
Plot line: the creator gather anonymous stories of what is "evil". An assortment of scenes from comic book villians to abuse to perverse sexual role play.
Verdict: A great start. It was sometimes hard not to judge against my own ideas of evil.

Porn Star
Plot line: A young librarian from small town Saskatchewan was unknowingly taped having sex with a guy. Guy forwarded tape on, and she receives a nomination for best amateur in porn awards. Throw in innocent babbling, an evangelical mother in politics, a sister who committed suicide for being pregnant at 14, a sex columist who is done with men, and the list continues.
Verdict: Friggin' hilarious! The girl has a naivity about her that is endearing, and all other characters were acted excellently by only one other girl! My fave play, hands down.

It's a gay, gay, gay, gay world
Plot line: Every gay stereotype (gay glossary available with programme) in technicolor. The Queen of drag queens tells tales in gay fashion. Cinderella is a story about a boy who likes to dance to N Sync, and with the help of the local Avon lady, is able to attend the ball. George W. Bush is the star in the Emperor's New Clothes; the suit is made out of a fabric that only heterosexuals can see, and when Bush can't see it, he embraces his new "calling". And so on.
Verdict: Sometimes, a bit overwhelming by all the stereotypes and prancing around. But, overall, a "gay" ol' time.

Manners for Men
Plot Line: Set in London with a middle aged man still living and caring for his mother. Socially awkward and anything that can go wrong, does. He is a man of poor posture, no girl interests (besides his mother), a blinking twitch, and can take verbal abuse like a pro.
Verdict: Very well performed. Very sombre, and it makes you feel sorry for the antisocial hero.

The Official Napolean Dynamite Dance Class
Plot Line: Meet Bob. He claims to be the one who taught Napolean all of his super-fly dance moves in the movie. Other cast members are an older chainsmoking lady, a Spanish boy out for vengence over his dancer brother's death, and a talking wig. All acted by one person, with brief audio clips from the movie.
Verdict: If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. Um..... the guy worked very hard....

We also went to a nearby beach, where, of course, I burned. Horribly. I currently have the back of a lizard. This is twice that I have burned using those spray sun block contraptions. I think I will have to go back to the old fashioned "guy rubbing lotion on back" scenario. Not that I was ever opposed to the idea....

And, that's about it. Throw in some laundry, naps, and whining at tarynbthorne while we try to decrease the size of our arses at the gym, and now you have been updated.