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Where to begin?
I finally got my internet back. Turns out we were cut off since D hasn't paid an internet bill in 3 months. But, we weren't cut off, for some reason. So, when it finally kaputed, the lovely internet provider said that since we didn't reconnect within 2 weeks of our original cut of date, we have been pernamently disconnected. So, talks ensued. *shrugs* Oh well.

We got no money. I though by saying it outloud, it would be better. But it really ins't. So, I got a brushetta pizza from BP to celebrate this fact.


School starts in 2 weeks. I don't know how I feel about that yet. Maybe I should start unpacking my classroom soon.....

D bought me a whole spanking amount of books for my bday. He bought me "Lovely Bones" by Alice Sebold (that book makes me cry), all the Chronicles of Narnia, all the Harry Potters, and the Count of Monte Cristo. When I type that, I want to type "The Mound of Golden Crisco". *yet again, shrugs*

I've been reading the Harry Potters. After 2 weeks, I'm on book 6 of 7. They are damn addictive! So much more character development and good ol' teenage angst in paranormal circumstances than the movies.

I think that's it. It probably isn't... but, I've hit the age old problem of waiting to update until I have a decent amount of events happening, and then I forget all such events when it comes to updating time. *le sigh*

Oh, hey Boog! Got your mug! Lub it!