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Here birdie, birdie, birdie...

I am not a bird whisperer.

A sparrow is loose in the school. After calling the local zoo for some advice on what to do, they informed me that sparrows are not big in the "ridden with disease" department, so toss a towel on it, and carefully take it outside.

I could not find a towel bigger than a tea (dish) towel. It's hard to toss a tea towel, let alone to catch a bobbing bird.

Needless to say, they have now sent a girl with a net, but I have lost the location of the bird.

Lesson learned: I am not a fierce hunter
Not surprising fact: The weirdest shit happens when I try to prepare for school.
Unbelievably: I asked the secretary to explain and thank the professional bird catcher while I go update my journal.