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I've really been sucking on the whole "updating" thing. So, buckle your seat belts, this is a post of pure rambling. That's right... no purpose.... no filters... just thoughts being typed.

Trent Reznor is sexy. I currently have "The Perfect Drug" stuck in my head. We (my fiancee creature and I) thought about compiling our favourite love songs on CDs to have as wedding favours at our reception. I think it wouldn't be totally kosher to include this one.... but I like it.

Peter Steele is also sexy. He's the lead singer of Type O Negative. Low voice, long, black hair, nice build, tortured-soul-appearance. Yum.... plus, he looks like he would be good in bed. If you can really judge that kind of quality by looks alone. Not even face-to-face looks. Just random searches on YouTube. One of my favourite is when he was on Ricki Lake. That "fuck you" attitude.... Mmmmmm....

But, I'm too "mature" (old) to really want that... in real life, that is. I want my bills paid with a bit left over. That is what I have done with my life.... traded the ideas of hot, steaming, monkey-lovin' sex and primal attraction for the dream of financial security. Le sigh.

D got us the Pentecostal Church in town for our wedding ceremony (August 29th). That's good.... I guess. It's nice to have a location to get married in. The main condition to using the Church is to get marriage counseling first. I am all for that. I told D that he can pick where from (his own Church, the Pentecostal, Canadian Mental Health.... and so on). I don't think he's too excited about it.... He once didn't want to do counseling (years ago) because he didn't want some fool telling him everything was his fault. *shrugs* Guilt? Fear? Fuck you attitude? Not quite sure...

Report cards are due Monday. Timing was hugely off this year since we just had Parent-Teacher Interviews this past Thursday. Usually there is a solid week to 2 weeks between so that the scared kiddies have a chance to pull up their marks. Oh well, it's easier for me now since the marks are virtually the same. Just a few lonesome assignments to mark and enter. I'm all for making my life easier.

And it's cold here. Winter finally arrived after a weird "no snow" Hallowe'en. Currently -12 degrees Celsius with snow.

I'm also a basketball coach. I shit you not. But, it's what I call "kid coaching". What some teachers have started here is a basketball league that is not varsity (representing school). So, anyone who wants to play (just boys, for this year), can. They even got the mine here to sponsor it by buying team sets of real team jerseys. I co-coach the Chicago Bulls. I make sure everyone gets equal playing time (each rotation is 3 minutes), and the highest any single player can score is 12 points. Then they are not allowed to shoot anymore, they have to pass. No superstars here. Kind of like when Baby J was in Soccer this summer.

I have a friend who was a viking for Halloween. I'm wondering if I can steal her helmet for painting purposes. I yell, make fun of the other coaches, and basically amuse myself. Don't fret, there is also other coaches and team captains that actually know strategy about the sport. I guess being on the Grade 7 team isn't qualifications enough. *laughs* Just me, making an ass out of myself Thursday nights. Something I enjoy.

Very impressed that Barrack Obama got US presidency. Yay! I hope he really turns that country on its ass... for its own good, that is. Maybe I won't hate the States so much. Or, maybe not. Miracles do happen, though.

And that's enough rambling. I have to change laundry over from washer to dryer. Ooooo.... look at me go. That's right, your one-stop fun-shop.

I totally stole that from some commercial.


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Nov. 10th, 2008 06:39 pm (UTC)
NIN? That is SO 1998.
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