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How to write a post.... how to write a post.... hmmmmm....

Actually, all I can think of is my need to use the washroom. Just thought I would share.

I wish my kid was older and did nothing but sleep. I would like to sleep until noon. Really. Like a teenager. Baby J turned 6 on Friday. We are having a bowling partty today with 8 or 10 other kids. Kinda scary when you think about it.

Aaaaaaand, here he comes again. Not even the computer room is an escape. Why doesn't he ever bug his father?

*shrugs* I have been bitchy/socially awkward lately. Lots of headaches. Marking like crazy, since this approaching week is exam week. I'm not quite sure what I'm going to teach in my Grade 11 Literary English class. And now I really need to go to the washroom....

Buy this. It's not that expensive. Contains two novellas, and my friend wrote one of them.

Oh, and YAY FOR BARACK OBAMA! His inauguration speech was good. Very hope-filled. I don't hate the States so much now.