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Good morning folks!
Or afternoon, or evening... I guess it really depends when you read this. I read my LJ Friend's page about every 2 - 3 days, mostly due to Sinfest comic feeds....

I have a headache. I have had a headache every morning for a couple of weeks now. I think it's all about how I sleep. I need to figure out a different pillow arrangement. And possibly lock up my dogs. My man is out of town, again, so the two dogs we have (Chihuahua cross and Puggle) like to lay on my legs. No shifting for me, without major effort. Those dogs gain 20 pounds when they sleep; it's the most scientific-absolving thing...

School is... well, school. Due to decreased enrollment across the district, layoff notices and surplus notices have been given to teachers in every school. Not me, though. It's amazing to think that this is my 5th year with them. Yay for not being fired yet! Though, I may have to kill a student or two soon. Between Spring Break and Summer is the hardest. The weather is getting nicer. You've had a taste of freedom. I usually get a bout of depression this time of year. I took Monday and Tuesday off this week to chill out... trying to be proactive about it this time. And that has nothing to do with facial cleanser.

And.... I need to use the washroom. Posting done.