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I'm most like Buttercup

I think this phenomenon called "tiredness" will hit at any moment.

Today, I worked for 12 hours. Why, you may ask. Well, considering I make over $15 an hour when I do overtime, why not? Plus, some great news, my car is fixed. So, August Long Weekend, I'm busing up to the Great White North. Even better news, I'm not going alone.

That's right, ladies and gents, Skinner Boy is willing to voyage the 14 hour bus ride to experience the vast bush known as Da North.

So, leaving Friday night, we will get in Saturday morning. Then I'm going to show him around, and we are having a BBQ with Witchgoddess and Happygoth at my house at the lake. Then drunken debauchery. Mayhaps a hangover and the beach on Sunday, haven't quite planned that out yet. Pick up some of my hometown's renowned pizza, and drive back Monday. I am sooo excited! When he said he would come, taking into consideration the hellish bus ride, I didn't expect to be so overwhelmingly happy.

He doesn't quite realise how expensive the bus tickets are, though. And with this anime convention he is dragging me to next weekend, he doesn't have much money. So, I'm planning to subsidize his bus ticket without his knowledge.

Oh, and I got a birthday present already! Skinner Boy bought me a previously-viewed copy of The Powerpuff Girls movie yesterday. And yes, I actually wanted that. He was making fun of it at the store, saw the look of joy on my face at noticing the movie, rolled his eyes, and bought it.

These events, and approaching birthday gifts, how can this month get any better???