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2 posts in one month?!?! Gad zooks!

Good morning, folks.

Well, technically morning.

Life has been moving along. Work is okay. I'm still behind, but not at the anxiety-attacking level. Home is good. Baby J has been on a behaviour plan at elementary school. I admit, there is the small, snobbish part of me going "Not my kid. How could my kid do this? How embarrassing". Then I mentally slap myself upside the head.

I finally left my house last night. It was fun. It was a friend's birthday that consisted of a potluck of appetizers and board games. I think that I go out so seldom, I start to get anxious around crowds of people I don't know. I fear I'm becoming a tad bit socially awkward.

Money sucks right now. Trying to pay off old bills, so we let the satellite cut off. All I have been hearing for hours in the living room is one of the ever-so-few default channels. "Disney Playhouse". Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog.... *shudder*

Speaking of bills, there are things that I am so embarrassed over, that I even hesitate writing on here. We still owe over $2000 to our wedding reception facility. A place that never accepts credit and demands payment before the event. A place that "went out on a limb" for us. A place that got into trouble with it's Board of Directors. A place that we forgot to pay for 3 months. *hangs head in ultimate shame* We're paying them now... but talk about feeling like the ultimate heel.

The plan for today: drag out all the Xmas stuff, and ignore school work for another day. I have a feeling that I can do it.


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Dec. 15th, 2009 04:51 am (UTC)
I heard that the manager there takes sexual favors as payment. Think your hubby is up to it?
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