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Santa stops after 3 hoes.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand... Another Xmas come and gone.

I found the time leading up to this one stressful. Not only with school, but I didn't feel "christmassy" until Christmas Eve. The part of Xmas that gets me excited is giving gifts. Money really sucked this year. You can't deal with a "welfare" Xmas if everyone else apparently has money and brags about the awesome gifts they got you. Including your own husband! Talk about guilt overload!

I relaxed once the gift giving was done. Once it's done, there is nothing else you can do. So, I've watched movies with the hubby, watched hubby and Baby J play games... and life has been good. I have one more week of ignoring school work, 1 more month of teaching this semester, and then I'm on my "easy" workload (teaching 3 courses instead of 4).

I try to put "emo-ness" aside while petting my tickets to see Bon Jovi this summer. Purr! Only Bon Jovi can bring out the true miracles of the season...

And congrats, opera_queen on your engagement! Talk about jaw dropping text messaging. I'll wear a pink dress with bows for the heck of it!