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A quiet kind of year

Time for my once-a-month update.....


Right now, I'm eating macaroni while watching "Serenity". What a good movie. "Fire Fly" was amazing... but, I have come to the theory that many of Joss Whedon's series are not appreciated in their time, but after they're canceled.

My mom is finally slotted for hip surgery. She is more than a little excited. She knows it will be a slow and painful recovery, but she focuses on the "recovery" part. The idea that, one day soon, she can retire her cane and walker makes surgery worthwhile. I am going to go help out (on the East Coast) for a week in the middle of February. Cook and clean for my Momma, and maybe entertain her with some card games. Otherwise, she'll get frustrated and try to do everything herself. I think I come by my stubbornness and self-reliance honestly.

It's cold here. Again. As my ears freeze because I left my toque indoors, I wonder why I came back here and stayed? Then I look at my decent-paying job, my husband, my stepson, and my two dogs, and I realize that life ain't that bad up here.

And this macaroni is damn good. We'll see if I have motivation to move after this.


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Feb. 4th, 2010 01:42 am (UTC)
You're such a good daughter! Nice of the Superintendent to let you have the time!
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