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Update from the East Coast

I must admit, it my sleep-deprived state, Canada AM is friggin' hilarious first thing in the morning.

I'm in my mom's sunroom, looking at my cup of cold coffee. Traveling here took about 24 hours (one bus ride, 2 planes, 1 car). I got in Saturday night, and started helping right away with her post-surgery drug schedule. One drug (narcotic for pain) is taken every 4 hours. Antibiotics and Tylenol taken every 6 hours. Needle to prevent blood clotting taken once a day. And optional stool softeners (to combat the narcotics). So, sometimes the drugs match up... sometimes not. For example, my step-father (now finally getting sleep!) does the midnight and 4 a.m. drugs, I do the 6 a.m., 8 a.m., and noon drugs, and then whoever is by the kitchen during the other shifts gives those drugs. As well, she has a whistle in case she needs out of bed in between these drug visits.

My mom is like the bionical woman. She is the toughest broad I know. She's pretty self reliant with her walker and is starting her physio exercises with a grim determination. And still, she said this is a million times better than pre-surgery.

Though, my husband did point out that, since she has a titanium hip, she is one step closer to becoming the Terminator. He asked me to watch for any mention of a "Susan Conner". I just want to go to an airport with her and watch the metal detectors go off.

Last night, I made a Sheppard's Pie using extra veggies in with beef and a sweet potato (yam) topping. Good for fiber and beta carotene apparently (thank you, Reader's Digest). And some banana bread for breakfast. I'll start on lunch shortly... I'm thinking of some frozen veg and macaroni in tomato soup. Maybe with cheese garlic toast.

And when she goes down for her naps, I try to get some of the extra house cleaning stuff done that my step-father doesn't think about. Like dusting. Today will be sweeping and washing the sunroom. I'm thinking a room a day.

Soooo tired.... but it was good to play a couple of card games with my sis before she had to head back to the city for another week of computer college. And, it will be sweet tomorrow when I don't have to teach an afternoon of Grade 9 boys. Maybe, once my step-father gets up after noon, I'll try to have a nap.....