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Back to the "lower" life

"Feels like 31 degrees Celsius" my ass!

Well, almost all of my winnings are gone already. Is anyone really surprised?!? So, living the "higher" life for one night was nice. Supper was good, and same with the movie. Though, I was so over-tired, I was almost sick. I didn't get a chance to have a nap, since G walked through my door.

G got laid off his job back home, so he came back to go job hunting. And got hired on as a Karaoke Host. He'll be awesome... quite the ham, he is. He was unemployed for 23 hours. Why can't I have luck like that??? I remember being back home every summer being unemployed for a good month. And it wasn't like I was looking for a "good" job, just a summer one. *shrugs*

Today, I had another eye appointment. Just a follow-up to my new life with contact lenses. Frankly, I enjoy them. I like being able to see from all angles clearly. Or, not having my "eyes" fog up when I move from the refrigerated environment of work to the wash bays that are filled with steam. Or, being able to attack someone without having my glasses crunch into my face or them flying off. And the most important, when Cheap Old Bastard eats greasy foods, he can't steal my glasses and smear his greasy fingers all over the lenses. *rolls eyes* What can I say... I have a family that survives on crack.

At any rate, today's goals:
  • Phone my co-operating teacher up in a northern reserve to see if I have a place to sleep during my student teaching this fall
  • Continue on with organizing the utter chaos known as my room
  • Track down a place to live this August

If I can actually get those 3 things done today, this will be the most productive I have been in a long while. I may have to phone Guinness World Records.