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My attempt at posting

G'day all.

I find it slightly humourous that I have to start with a greeting.... like a random letter spinning into the emptiness of cyberspace. Otherwise, it's hard to start.

Who am I kidding? It's hard to start, period. I've been more content this past year to click on my "Friends" page, catch up on the various comics feeds I subscribe to, and post something utterly inane once a month.

We got our school pictures taken recently. This is my 6th year teaching. The picture didn't turn out too badly. I compared it to my first, taken in 2004. There is more of a double chin and a deepening of facial lines that weren't there in the first set, and the slight permashadows that have placed residence under my eyes. But I don't look frazzled or crazy. I look pretty secure. I've come a long way in the past 6 years in my career, and I wonder how I'm going to look and act 6 years from now. I enjoy talking to my neighboring teacher, who is about 4 years away from retirement. His goal is to do as much "good" as possible in his remaining years. He often bounces ideas off of me and gets my opinion on things like confrontations with students, politics with staff, and so on. He once told me it took him nearly his entire career to develop the philosophy I already have with regard to teaching. I politely remind him that I was much more efficient at achieving my first mental breakdown, and, once surviving, it changed me to what I am now.

I think I could function as a teacher in an elementary setting, but it would be hard to give up my sarcasm and bluntness that teaching teenagers gives you more of an opportunity to air out. Heaven forbid if I ever find myself in a position where I have to brush my hair everyday.

Oh, that sarcasm.

Life in my world has been continuing on. Baby J is enrolled into Taekwondo, Beavers, and CanSkate this year. These are attempts in teaching skills that I am not equipt to do, as well to be proactive toward his misbehaviours in school due to his ADD. I have tried for over 20 years to skate, and I never seem to get past what I fondly refer to as the "Penguin Shuffle". No, wait, that is not entirely accurate. When I went to school down south, a friend and I used to go to this roller rink in the City that had the more 1970s version of skates.... real skates versus rollerblades. I could function on those with some speed. The wipeouts were still present, and there was no trickery like skating backward, but I graduated beyond the Shuffle. So, apparently, I will pay someone else to teach my son these skills. Apparently, these skills have quite the price tag attached, but it's not like I -really- needed to get out of debt.

Sarcasm: my old friend.

I'm in another play this year. It's a spoof on the old Christie Agatha murder mysteries. My name is Elizabeth Hartley-Trumptington. I'm a swindler that has a fake high-society English accent. And large "assets". I should get my arse in gear and see if I can still fit into my wedding corset because that really accentuated my... assets. And work on my British accent. It sometimes turns Scottish (Braveheart style), and then it takes a trip to Australia, then it decides it wants to visit Newfoundland. Really, I'm not good at accents.

Now, if I could adlib some sarcasm, I would be okay. Oh well, I have to develop a Cockney accent as well. Yet I have no urge to watch Coronation Street, which was recommended to me by my fellow thespians. Please reread: I did not type lesbians. This will be a PG type of play, though I do get to call someone a bitch. Maybe the more cleavage I show/create, the less people will pay attention to the wandering accent.

Now, to conclude this posting... It's funny, I need to start a post with a greeting, but I have no problem cutting it off without a proper conclusion. I like to think it adds to my character.


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Oct. 9th, 2010 11:48 pm (UTC)
Threats of nuclear custard have been longer.... still waiting on that one. *grins*
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