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Jan. 4th, 2011

What to do with a New Year? Maybe it's that whole "hope springs eternal" thing that, because of a digit change in the year, we feel that we must change. Must improve. And then feel like crap when we default into our imperfect habits. Oh well, all in the name to avoid marking.

Right now, 3 boys are screaming in my house. Winter Break ended "weirdly" this year, with it starting halfway through the week. So, Baby J is not back in the care of others, and I not back to work, until Thursday. Which ticks off some parents that are not entrenched in the school system. I'm babysitting 2 sons of a friend while she goes back to work. I need coffee and Tylenol.... stat.

This past weekend, I witnessed the marriage of opera_queen. Good times were had by all! It was very eloquent but comfortable. I was co-emcee (with one of her brother's being my second half for the evening). Probably the best piece of advice I gave was to the groom: If your wife ever asks the question "Do I look fat?", it is wise to drop to the floor and induce a mild coma and wait out for the moment to pass. Having a distracting seizure is a plus. My cohort in crime, once mixing up my name for the bride's when it came to introductions, was on his A-game as well. Followed up with New Years fireworks. I bet the pictures will look amazing. I also got "Settlers of Catan" boardgame as a Thank You gift. The bride and groom are pretty amazing people.

The rest of vacation has been pretty decent. Cooked, baked, cleaned, read, slept. Got "Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood" game for Xbox 360 for Xmas, so that has taken up a bit of my time. Started doing a puzzle. I have never done a puzzle by myself before. I know that's weird, but I thought I would give it a go. All in the name of avoiding marking.

Happy 2011 to whoever reads this... I hope it brings you contentment.