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Menstruating sucks. Just thought I'd put it out there.

The semester is almost done. Crazy marking, as per usual. I got mad last night because I found an assignment from September submitted into this last pile of marking. And then I realised I was being hypocritical because I am so behind in marking myself. And then I quit for the night.

Maybe not productive.... but.... nyah!

We're down to one vehicle right now. The hubby, with his monster truck tires and frosted over windshield, thought a small, white, Pontiac Sunbird parked under a "No Parking" sign was a snow bank.

It might have been funny if he'd bothered to put truck insurance on said vehicle of mass destruction. D'oh. Apparently, he had to pay off a speeding ticket so he hadn't renewed his insurance yet.

The insurance company was nice enough to say they will calculate a payment plan once they determine all the damage. Sounds like this kind of thing is more frequent than I thought....

Baby J's bday is Sunday. He will be turning 8. I know.... holy crap! We have been a familial unit for 5 1/2 years now. He's already as tall as my armpit. I will have to acknowledge the fact that we have to keep small dogs in this dwelling so I am not the shortest inhabitant.

And, I just gotta say... cartoons are really weird now. I mean really, really weird. I need a coffee. And maybe chocolate.