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Mmmmmmmm...... garden veggies.....

Well, I didn't manage to accomplish all of Saturday's goals. Instead, I went for a bike ride.

Usually, I avoid the north end of the city since it has very steep bridges that I can get over, but I seriously lack I could successfully pedal back up. I tried the more hilly regions earlier this month, reasoning "I have absolutely no ass or leg muscles... therefore, it should not hurt". I lied. I have one muscle in each cheek, and hamstrings. Who knew?!?! So, they like to let their presence be known when I decide to do something more cardiovascular than shifting on the couch.

At any rate, I voyaged over one of the brdiges... and I can't believe how beautiful the north part of town is. Driving, you don't get to experience all the sights and sounds that you encounter on the bike paths. I got to ride by the river. And, I checked out the "Labyrinth of Peace". It is this sort of monument that represents 10 religions (some very broad, such as "Native Religions" and "Earth Religions", some more specific, such as "Taoism" and "Christianity"). It is a circular path that has absolutely amazing masonry work on the relgious symbols (out of stained glass). Yep, sure did like that!

And, instead of attempting some of the horrific bridges, I took a little detour and came back in on an uphill highway. Longer, but more gradual. I didn't kill myself, in other words.

Sunday was good as well. More food is ripening in Cheap Old Bastard's garden. So far, I have eaten:
  • peas
  • potatoes
  • butter lettuce
  • swiss chard
  • raspberries

Mmmmmmmmmm! Soon, the carrots and beans and tomatoes will be done, and following that is good ol' corn on the cob. Spring and autumn, I often complain of the rotter-tilling, the weeding, the dusting, the playing with horse manure and peat moss, and so on... but this is my favourite season right now. The eating.

Work was good today. It was slow, so I was able to daydream away over 2/3 of the day. Tonight, I think I'm going to get a more "gourmet" feeling going, and throw in some frozen veggies with my Kraft Dinner.


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Jul. 22nd, 2003 07:40 pm (UTC)
A religious shrine? That doesn't sound like the culturally void center you live in. I thought they only had a shrine to the pig market. Anyway, I would like to see this park someday, maybe we can double date?

regards jb
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