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It's been a very turmolous time in my lil' world.

I think it was in February when we lost our Principal. No, he didn't die or go AWOL, but was removed from his office and paid out the rest of the year, with no renewal in contract. I'm still not entirely sure what he did that pissed off the school board so much. Don't get me wrong; I didn't agree with every decision my Principal made, but I followed him because he was a leader and he had a vision for my school. That, and he was going to last more than a year, unlike our last few principals. The idea that we, as a teaching staff, were no longer "foster kids" but had a "parent" to lead us, give us advice, and, yes, keep us accountable to our profession.

Then started the protests. Apparently, the student body thought he was doing a swell job as well. A couple of days of bare minimum classes while students chanted downstairs, marched to the School Board office, etc. The Deputy Minister of Education came for a visit. Parents and members of the community got involved. Lots of free food, professionally done signs, etc. appeared at the protests. Very hot topic for awhile. Another vote on April 5 whether or not to revoke the motion to remove the Principal is happening. Even if he does come back... keep in mind, they (School Board) do not have to renew his contract after June. We'll see how the public reacts after this week.

Then a Vice Principal stepped up to acting Principal. No one has any ill will toward him... but, the job and health issues still attacked and he's out on medical leave.

One of the Assistant Superintendants has been "assigned" our school with one week to Spring Break (this past week was the break). She has been a Principal in the Elementaries, so she does have the advantage of knowing some of the students and parents. She also fully admits to knowing nothing of our programming, issues in our school, etc. Oh, and the other VP (the third one was "demoted" to teaching with the banishment of our Principal) is out a bit of the time due to medical (a shoulder issue, or something).

And 2 people died. An old student of mine (graduated 2 years ago) in a snowmobiling accident (girlfriend and siblings in the high school) and one current student (off campus - behavioural) murdered. Spring Break was never more welcomed.

Spring Break was good. Sleeping, Assassin's Creed: The Brotherhood, and first season of Prison Break was had in abundance. Took the dogs for daily walks, and played a few games of Settlers of Catan. They replaced the toilets in the boy's bathroom upstairs in the high school, which burst a pipe. Oh yeah, my classroom shares a wall with the boy's bathroom. No water damage done, but a huge hole cut into the front of my classroom. I get a freshly painted wall out of the deal, which is pretty sweet... whenever they get it done.

Hubby is going back to work tomorrow. Don't know how that will go. He's been out for one week. Doc wanted one month, hubby agreed to 2 weeks, and conflict rose from hubby's boss. We understand the boss's point of view: hubby is 1 of 4 people in his dept, with one on vacation and the other one trying to get hired on at the mine here. With hubby out, that leaves 1 person to do everything, which is physically impossible (also considering their work areas are not near each other). As well, boss was under the impression the hubby was still delivering pizzas, which hubby replied that maybe he should check with him instead of relying on rumour. So, hubby is taking his morphine and going to give it a go (with boss being on vacation next week).

And my uncle is dying. He had a stroke just over 2 months ago. It was revealed that he had a heart attack around the same time. My aunt is stressing out over his mood change and his inability to do anything physical. They live out in one of the Provincial Parks about an hour out of town, so my aunt was hauling wood, etc. And they are older (I think 60s?). Anyway, add another mini stroke and difficulty breathing. Fluid was building up in his chest, collapsing a lung. Start to drain that, and another scan result came in. Bone cancer. His daughter (my cousin) has survived 2 bouts of breast cancer, and another aunt of mine just died within the last 3 or 4 months from cancer. Let alone another family friend a few years ago passing.... yada, yada, yada. Cancer can be quite a bitch sometimes.

So, all 3 cousins from that family just arrived in town today. Ran into them in the hospital lobby. Got them some coffee and left, since it can be quite crowded having so many people in the curtained off section in half a hospital room. He might get flown out tomorrow to the City for radiation treatments and more tests. My mom, who just got back into the country and another aunt are making preparations to stay at our house since a funeral seems evident. According to my aunt (wife of cancer uncle), the cancer is progressing very rapidly. In fact, there was no evidence of any growths 5 weeks ago. All I know is that he's lost a lot of weight, and his mind is going from the drugs and effects from the stroke(s).

And it's Parent Teacher Student Conferences on Thursday. Normally, I would be stressing out with marks and preparations.... but life kinda put that into perspective. Oh well. Back to work tomorrow.

I'm not stressing out, per se. More of crisis mode: okay, what needs to be done. Clean. Laundry. Mother duties. Some marking. Maybe watch PVRed episodes of Survivor. Okay, let's go.


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Apr. 18th, 2011 02:58 am (UTC)

What else to say about that?

My thoughts and prayers are out there for ya, for what it's worth.

Here I thought my 2 weeks of living carb free was a pain in the ass! Say hi to Momma for me.

Chin up! This too shall pass. They say bad things come in 27s...you're most of the way there! :-)
May. 11th, 2011 09:32 pm (UTC)
rest start
be happy and love. kiss
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