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Lake Day

So tired.... Stayed up past 3 a.m. doing the online governmental boating course to earn our printable certification for today's beach day. It's all on line with time limits on each of the 5 chapters. MINIMUM time limits. I read and study a chapter in 15 minutes, and since the section is supposed to take 50 minutes, I was not allowed to go to the next one for 35 minutes. That made for a long night.... Especially since I went out drinking before this. My hubby was the one actually doing the test, but he got bored with it. Yay ADD?

The hubby managed to snag a truck and a SeaDoo for today. We're tying a tube to it and hauling 2 kids. According to the licence we just acquired, you are supposed to have the same number of seats available on your craft as people. In other words, we're planning to break the rules already.

I think I'm going to try to snag a quick shut eye on the way there.

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