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Whew! Cooking in summer is not one of my brightest ideas. Though, in my defence, I did wait until after 11 p.m.

Every once in awhile, I cook bigger things that only one of us will eat, and freeze it into individual portions for easy serving later. I often do this with meat products for Baby J's meals (hubby doesn't eat what I make.... A tad too picky, in my opinion). Right now, a meatloaf is bubblin' (I don't know if the meat smells are appetizing or not.... Damn my vegetarian freakiness). Tomorrow, I'll make a vegetarian Sheppard's Pie with sweet potato topping ( which J & I will both eat), and soon, I'll do a veggie lasagna (which will be all mine).

While I'm toiling away, I came up with an idea. Finances are going to be tight until after Xmas since we're heading out to Disney World on Boxing Day (Shhhh... that's Baby J's Xmas present!). I'm thinking of starting to slowly bake cookies and bars now. Stuff that will freeze well, that is, once I finally clean my mini deep freeze (kinda gross story with that one). By the time Xmas rolls around, I should have a shit load of baking to give out as presents. Maybe get some perogy making lessons from opera_queen???

Today was my second tutoring session with a University student writing an essay on a passage in Hamlet. While it was good to lift the fog off of my dormant brain, the experience left it very tired and a tad mushy. This makes me wonder/worry if I would be able to do a Masters degree in English. I have lost the art of writing an obscenely long essay. Or, I could do a Masters in Education. Probably easier and, arguably, more relevant to my current career.... Yet, not interesting to me at all. Spoken like a truly dedicated teacher...

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