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Thanksgiving Thoughts

I'm tired.

My beautiful husband lovingly told me to go away. I guess he saw the bitterness starting to seep through with not being able to see any of my family during the summer. So he suggested that I visit my father for Thanksgiving.

I jumped the night bus, so I could theoretically sleep and spend more conscious hours in B-Town. Now, either I have gotten slightly more robust in my later years, or the space between the rows of seats has drastically decreased on these buses. Oh, to be a contortionist teenager on a school trip again.

The hubby and I had a good talk the other night as well. Well, "good" can be subjective. I was on his computer, figuring out bus schedules. I decided to log into Facebook, and realized that my hubby was still logged into his. Curiosity won, and I read some messages he and an old female friend were sending back and forth. And that was the subject of our convo.

It's like a festering wound. It's painful to rip it open, and it just plain stinks when you get all the goop out. But you feel better, healthier, the next day. Now, my hubby and I have to move forward and work on stitching it up.

Marriage takes work, and sometimes I think my generation forgets that. He's a good man, and there's no one else I'd rather work with.

The air is crisp now. Last night, the stars and moon were really bright at our first stop. I stood outside with my chocolate milk, soaking it in.

And then got cold. Hence snot juice on my hubby's comfy (and warm) sweater of awesomeness.

Take a moment, and be thankful for the love, heartache, tears, and laughter that only family can give.

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