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In 5 days, I will be attempting NANOWRIMO. The goal is to write 50,000 during the month of November. It is kind of intimidating. So, I have been mapping out rough character sketches, setting info, and starting a file on things I need to research. I decided on the genre of Teen Fiction. I find that genre is not so heavy in research or minute details, in other words, very forgiving.

Basic plot line:
- 3 sisters (20, 16, 14)
- mom died 9 months previous in car accident
- all 3 sisters have powers that develop when they're 16

There's more, but I'm not sharing. ;) Maybe if I actually achieve this goal, I'll post it (after a rough polishing or two).

The annual play is coming up as well. Performance nights are this coming Friday and Saturday. My character is an very annoying playwright who keeps interfering with a playhouse trying to put on my play.

After Saturday, hopefully, my schedule will open some to write. Every Saturday, I meet with a local writing group and that is keeping me focused.

In the mean time, regular life beckons. Laundry time. My goal tonight is to voyage into the crawl space to find some of my Wiccan resource books to use for my research.

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