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Morning Text

I awoke it 6:22 am with an angry text from one of my admin.

As a side note, probably a good thing since my alarm clock appeared to be turned off. Nevertheless, I continue.

She, who is a FB friend, saw a picture I took last night waiting in a line outside a dept store for the midnight release of "Black Ops II" and a joke saying that I hope the substitute teacher and the students enjoy the grammar sheets I left them in the sub plan.

She wrote in her text that she was "not impressed" since the personal day that I requested (and got approval for a week previous) was not showing up in her records. She printed off the FB posting and said she hoped I would show up to school today.

I replied saying I double checked, I am approved for the day off, and to have a nice day.

She replied not to put it on FB then. After all, it may give teachers a bad rep and we've got enough of that. I thanked her, and deleted the photo.

I'm trying to keep in mind that I consider her a friend as well, and sometimes friends aren't exactly the most smoothest when looking out for each other. I've been known to have placed my foot in my mouth (figuratively) quite a few times.

Then why, over a half an hour later, do I still have a bitter taste in my mouth?

(PS - even though it was freezing in line, it was kind of cool to hang out and joke around with other strangers - no pun intended)

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