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TWG homework - for March 23rd, 2013

I've decided to write more. After my abysmal failure at NaNoWriMo, I decided to keep writing just for the heck of it. I rejoined the Writer's Guild after a 2 month hiatus, and this came from my first "homework assignment". I'm still ddabblingin the novel (over 15,000 words now), but it may be fun to write for writing's sake.

The homework: write a letter to a dying houseplant convincing it to live.

Dear faithful companion:

Don’t give up.  I know I have not been the best of friend.  I know that there are times that you are thirsty.  Not only for water, but for interaction.  Don’t let my short comings convince you that the world is not a miraculous place.

You do so much more that convert carbon dioxide to oxygen.  You are not just for decoration.  Oh my household plant, it is phenomenal the abuse you have survived.  Various household animals gnawing on your foliage.  The denial of the sun’s rays of love on your expectant face.  The absence of comforting conversation caressing you.  There is nothing that can be done for addressing these past injustices.  I know these experiences felt like a baptism by fire and you did not know if you would last the day.  But, night eventually came, and with that, recuperation and the returning will to face the next day.

These experiences helped build you into the flora you are today.  You are stronger.  You have gained not only knowledge, but wisdom.  You have used these lessons to adapt and strive.  You evolved.  With everything that you have accomplished, the true injustice would be to throw it away.

Though these crimes have changed you, they are not you.  You are not the actions that were inflicted upon you.  I can still see the good within.  You are compassionate and kind, and ask for so little in return.  Do not turn bitter and brown.  Do not let society’s corruption win.  Any change is difficult, is painful.  But you must be the change you wish to see.  You must lead by example.  You must endeavour.  I know this asks for so much from you, more than you feel you can give some days, but it is your destiny.

You mean so much to me.  I can change.  Though you, I am a better person.  I am connected to Mother Earth through you.  I feel fresh and alive.  I am more aware.  But I cannot do this alone.  I need your help.  I know that you’re tired and you have been so patient and understanding with me.  I need one more chance.  Please don’t give up on me.

Your caregiver and caretaker,