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Not All Sailor Moon

Well, I survived the great Ai-Kon Anime Convention. For almost the whole day, I didn't know what the *bleep* was going on, but there was people dressed in elaborate costumes, so that kept me entertained. Also, these "para para" dancers. I thought about dancing like them, but didn't know if that was "kosher" since I'm not an anime junkie.

Skinner Boy and I got up early and traveled to a nearby city. Saw my sister's new apartment, and snagged a b-day gift from her (Kurt Cobain's Journals!!!! WA-HOOOOOO!!!!!!). Made our initial look-over at the convention, then went to the Olive Garden for soup, salad, and breadsticks. That is one of my favourite restaurants of all time, and Skinner Boy had to find some way to sedate my future complains and wisecracks.

Went back for lots more Anime goodness, and then in the late afternoon, Booger (my sister) wanted to leave. Since we ditched the car I borrowed from Cheap Old Bastard and opted for Booger's which had air conditioning and a MP3 player, I had to go with her to her place to pick up my car. And, when I finally returned and tracked down Skinner Boy, he was bickering with some little kid about the rules of something-Yi-Go (some Anime card game). At any rate, I dragged him out of there before he blew up at the kid (of course the kid was a sore loser, HE IS A KID!). We drove around checking some anime shops, then went back to the convention.

Fortunately, the last bit was anime he showed me previously, so we left the city about 8:30 - ish. Some of the anime shops he wanted to check out were closed. To stop his pouting, we are going to go on an earlier bus this Friday (check out July 17th for a refresh) so that the lay-over in this city is 2 hours instead of 15 minutes, so we can go to one of the malls and look at the crap... er, superb animation.

You may think I'm a great and understanding girlfriend, but in reality, it's just retribution for all the verbal abuse I put him through.

Update on The Great Apartment Hunt: Saw a one-bedroom not too far away from here on Friday. The bedroom window was boarded up (since it is in the basement, the landlord thought it would be easier to board it up then remove the huge slab of concrete half covering the window). Kind of white trash-ish, but one lady that told me she had no openings phoned me back and asked if I would like to take over an apartment for just after August 1st. Wow, I like this.... why couldn't they phone me to begin with. So, I'll phone her back today to see if I can take a gander at it. (No, I didn't mean a goose, just a look-see)