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3 channels?!?!?

My pink haired room-mate (hereby known as "Wild Cherry") bought a record player last week. With the addition of an equalizer and such piled on top of the VCR and DVD player in true white-trash fashion, it raised our antennae by a foot. Which has boosted our 2 channel range to 3 channels! I didn't watch much TV at all, just a few of those smutty reality romance shows that my room-mates and I make fun of, and CSI. Now, I look at the clock, and realised that I haven't moved my tookus off the couch in over 3 hours. Damn new channel.

Everything else is "swell". I finally got my ass in gear and fixed my computer. I had gotten that "Blaster" worm, and I never got around to downloading the latest MSN update before my computer rebooted. Plus, to tell you the honest truth, I never thought to look on the MSN webpage until one of my room-mates mentioned a news program about this worm. So, now I can use this computer again. So, what to do...

That's right, ladies and gents. For another year, I'm trying to beg money from the government. The only thing holding them back from actually giving me money this year: I have a nice car that is actually working now. But, I enjoy the mundaneness of filling out page after page of personal inforrmation that, a good half, I don't know or I make up.

As a side note, my father ever-so-coyly asked if I would white-wash his house since I have two more weeks to my unemployment. I've been thinking about it. I owe him $200 currently, plus I know he would pay me a smidge above that. And I'm poor. But, to beat the crazy 37 degree Celsius heat, I would have to start white-washing this monstrosity at 6:00 a.m. and quit by noon. Assuming that it doesn't rain any day soon. I'm going to phone him and we are going to scope out supply costs.

*shrugs* I guess it's better than selling my body. Though, I hate for it to happen, I may contract a tan.


Aug. 19th, 2003 08:55 pm (UTC)
Apparently a lazy, but good friend. Your hints have the subtly of a brick.

I guess I'll phone you now....