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Mmmmmm..... Freezees......

I'm not a huge fan of orange freezees, but since it's cold, it has become my new best friend.

Now that my computer has stop constantly rebooting itself, I feel like writing more. So, here's an update for you: My father decided he wants to white-wash next year. That was my last hope for productivity. *wipes off forehead* Whew! Glad to see that was resolved peacefully.

Plans are underway for a old high-school chum's wedding social this Saturday. Got my hotel room booked for me and Skinner Boy (get those thoughts out of your head!), and emails were sent about possible eating/drinking beforehand. This social is a "Beach Theme", so I'm planning to dust off this purple sarong/wrap thing (big piece o' fabric) that I use as a thin drape on one of my windows, a blank tank top (note to self: buy a tank top), and some gaudy fake purple flower leis. It just doesn't seem like a dog collar event...

Um, that's it.