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I'm not 65!

Just as a quick note to any young readers out there: how old do you think teachers are?!? My Grade 10’s did a little survey to see what kinds of text do they read (so we can get something with words that they will actually read), a song they like, and so forth. One chap puts down “The Memory Remains” as a song he likes. Yes, apparently all teens on reserves listen to Metallica. At any rate, he was amazed when I revealed to him that yes, I knew it was Metallica, and yes, I own Reload on tape.

For a moment, he was in serious shock. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that Metallica is damn older than me, and I have been known to listen to that type of music in the past. If he knew of my past body mods, I think he may have fainted.

Moral of the Story: People may be “cooler” than their first impression. AND I’M NOT OLD!