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Emotional trap?

Yesterday, on Friday, it was my baby sister's 20th birthday!

Happy Birthday, Booger!

I know I didn't call, but I thought of you all day. And no, I still didn't pick you up a present.

I'm hitching a ride with my Dad and his partner Evelyn, and we are going out for supper with Booger and her guy. Skinner Boy was invited, but he has a course to attend today. He used to be a respite worker a year and a half ago, and decided to see if he could pick up some weekend shifts for some extra cash flow. They rehired him, but he has to redo some courses, and the course offered today (Non-Violence Intervention) will not be offered again until January. He was really sorry he couldn't come, and I assured him it was perfectly fine. He's very considerate. *smiles* Yes, it's not love, but I really do like him.

Which leads to tonight.... (really now, did you expect me to end on such a "girly" note???)

I was chatting to Skullet Man on MSN just before I went to bed. He felt like going to the bar and asked me to come along. That, I was not up for. Not that I wouldn't want to hang out with him, but I was bloody tired. I'm bloated, icky, and prone to headaches. So, we had some pleasant conversation, and he asked me to go to the bar tomorrow (tonight). I told him I didn't know if I would be back tonight since I'm going into the city (that was a bold-faced lie), but I finally compromised by saying that if I was in town tonight, I would at least call. He accepted that.

There is two directions my mind is going:

  1. Rewind a few months back.... one of my lead hands, who I used to occasionally drink with in company of Skullet Man and other Slaughter House heroes, told me that Skullet Man was "down in the dumps". He's a great guy, and I can't stand hearing that he was depressed. So, I made a mental note to talk to him more, and get him out.

  2. Then there is this whole "confession" matter (Aug. 31st). I told him that I would like to remain friends, and he perfectly understands. I do want to stay friends with him. He's a great guy. And I really don't expect any trouble or anything of the sort. Though, there is a gnat in the back of my mind accusing me of starting drama, or putting myself and Skinner Boy in jeopardy, and so forth. Damn gnat. I really don't believe that it's an issue, but the tiny bug remains.

So, my possible course of action: I will phone him tonight, like I said I would. If I really do feel like going to the bar (or going out at all), I'll make sure other people are there before I go over. Otherwise, I may have to come up with "creative" answers to avoid going.

Damn. I only enjoy giving "creative responses" to teachers, not "real" people.