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I feel rested. Right now, I would be working my little heart out. Instead, I have just rolled out of bed, and I'm listening to a radio station that plays old rock. Why, you may ask, do I get to miss work on a Thursday morning? That's because today I'm going to court.

May, last year, I bought a beautiful car. It was a 95 Ford Contour LX. It had a CD player. It was a deep, deep purple. Then, in August, I was driving up North towards my home town, and it blew up. Okay, not a big explosion, but it did involve a whole lot of steam and smells.

Turns out, the engine blew up. The engine heads cracked, and coolant flooded throughout the engine. Even I, who doesn't know much about cars, knows that is bad. So, now I'm suing the guy who sold it to me for selling me a bum car.

My predicted outcome: I won't win. The mechanic, while ripping apart my engine, found markings of a suspicious nature (such as chisel marks and missing bolts). His written statement cannot be admitted in Small Claims Court. I phoned him 3 weeks ago to see if he's still willing to travel to this hick town to testify (yes, it's not even in my home city), and he replied "sure thing", and told me to phone him at home the week before the hearing . It turns out that he would be vacationing in this area and he would swing on by. I phone every day last week. No reply. So much for that angle. And that was the strongest angle I had.

Oh well. I wanted to remain in debt anyways. Without debt, I don't know how I could function.