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Why do I keep drinking wine when I know I'm going to get a headache the next day. Oh, I forgot: I'm a little "daff" (that right, soullessflyer?) *grins*

No other complaints besides that. Saturday was Posh Spice's wedding. It was a great service: the pastor compared marriage to a motor bike. Which made him stress the importance of lube a few times. Opera Queen was amazing: as Posh Spice's Maid of Honour, she was able to partake in that service without cracking up. I, however, wasn't as successful.

Opera Queen sang Mozart's "Alleluia". Absolutely amazing, to say the very least.

Another great thing about this whole shindig: open bar. For those that don't quite comprehend, that means the alcohol was free and flowing. For those who still can't see the bigger picture, that means Jez was a drunken fool. I remember the most of it. To top off the evening (er, morning), when I did stumble back to my own room after the after-party, an older episode of Saturday Night Live was on the TV, and it was one of the episodes where Nirvana was performing.

It was meant to be.

Now, instead of studying for grammar, I'm catching a movie with G. I haven't talked to that guy since... well, a bloody long time ago, and he phoned me up about a half hour ago.

Yet again, Grammar For Teachers is getting the shaft.