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As The World Turns.... I suppose

Well, the wonderful Web appears to be dreadfully slow tonight, so here is the next installment of my life a la Semagic.

Not too much new. Saw Dirty Pretty Things with G on Sunday night. The movie is set in London, England (just in case, for some bizarre reason, you were thinking London, Ontario) and it's about refugees, immigrants, and illegal aliens. Actually, it was a very good film. I think it was produced in part with BBC. At any rate, if you don't want the usual mind-numbing film, check it out.

Finally wrote my grammar test today. *shrugs* Wasn't horrific, but still not what I would consider "a good time". We'll see how it goes once I get my mark back. I didn't study much for it, so I guess I shouldn't complain. We all know that I will, but I shouldn't.

Today, JB e-mailed me and as if I would give him one of my codes so he can start a Live Journal. This shall be interesting. If he actually starts one up, that may be another name to list on my pathetically-short "friends" list.


Yeah, the only other thing going on in my life right now is trying to find journal articles about using reflective/responsive journals in a high school ELA (English Language Arts) classroom. Sounds exciting, no? You're right, it doesn't....

Oh yeah, Zelda moved back in with me on Friday and things are going quite swimmingly. She still is as demanding, snobbish, and "pig-ish" as ever, but she's warmed up to me more than she did when she lived with me a year and a half ago. She has quite the attitude, and I think that's one of the reasons why I like her. Also, as long as she eats her blood worms every day, she's really not that bad.

*raises an eyebrow* For those who don't know who Zelda is, she's my parrot fish. *grins*