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Happy Turkey Day...

...or, in my case, Big Pile of Potatoes Day!

I just back home about a half hour ago. Dinner yesterday at Skinner Boy's was great! (Surprised, eh?) Everything went very smoothly, and today I got to hook up a miniature horse to a wagon and take it for a spin. Skinner Boy's mother even took my picture with Milk Dud (the horse that was pulling my heavy ass around). I have never seen a mini horse up close, and it reminded me of the movie "Willow". They are great, until they thought I had treats for them and one bit my thumb.

On Saturday, I went on a tart-creation spree. I made my cream cheese and lemon tarts, butter tarts, and plain ol' lemon tarts. I guess it paid off. Skinner Boy's family liked my cream cheese and lemon tarts. They made all sorts of different salads for supper as well. I had one that had cottage cheese, carrots, and lime jello. Salad that jiggles: what will they think of next?

When I got home, I had a message on my answering machine from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. In other words, mormons. The other day, I was totally delusional and they rang my doorbell (I think it was Friday). At any rate, I invited them in and we talked religion for over a half hour. They lent me a Book of Mormon, and I wished them good day. So, now they were checking up to see if I had read and prayed yet.

Hmmmmmmmm.... they must be getting desperate.