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The Countdown...

Man, am I dumb. So, due today, I have 2 Math papers and I need to get cracking on a poetry/magazine unit that a friend and I are developing. These two papers are due today at 4:30, no exceptions. Have I started? Yesterday, I went to my friend's house instead to help her paint. Then a cheap movie with Skinner Boy.

By the way, I thoroughly enjoyed Kill Bill, Vol. 1. Total Tarantino. But I digress...

So, spew out two papers today, while still attending classes. Then I donate blood. Then watch another movie with Skinner Boy. And have an English paper due for Thursday (yet again, no exceptions), accompanied with a side order of Grammar test.

Also, get in contact with my co-operating teacher to see what I'll be teaching starting Monday at the reserve, and figure out how am I going to get there and where will I stay.

And the countdown begins...