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Enter Winter, Stage Right

Yep, winter has hit full force at this friendly reserve. I watch the snow blow on the thin layer of ice on the lake. My Friday night was very short of pathetic. This has been the loneliest Hallowe'en I have ever experienced. Even last year when I was student teaching, I met up with some friends and watched movies. This year, all the trick-or-treaters (all 20 of them on my island) finished at 8 p.m. Then I washed the layers of eyeliner and other make-up, retired my black lace dress for another year, phoned up Booger and listen to her plans of tackling kids and dragging them to her place so she would have trick-or-treaters, and read.

As a side note, if you know my sister, go visit her. She has Hallowe'en candy up the wah-zoo.

As another side note, one of the books (yes, I read more than one.... it was a loooong weekend) was John Wyndham's short stories. If that name sounds familiar, he is the chap that wrote The Day Of The Triffids and The Chrysalids. At any rate, I read "Consider Her Ways". A futuristic world without men.... interesting.....

Moving on..... I got up 8 a.m. on Saturday and made pancakes. Yes, I was so bored, I resorted to cooking. I was so desperate that I was just about to start lesson planning. Then, one of my hosts saved the day, and gave me some books. I forget who wrote the one I finished, but I'm in the middle of False Memory by Dean Koontz. Interesting.

Did you know that there is a phobia named autophobia? There are three different conditions: fear of being alone, fear of being egotistical, or fear of oneself.

At any rate, it's great here: the people are nice, I like my students, the scenery is raw and beautiful..... and I want to go home. I have even resorted to using the telephone and calling people. Man, do I ever hate the phone. Oh well, 3 weeks to go....


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Nov. 4th, 2003 05:12 am (UTC)
Don't fret, you'll be among friends at houston's in no time. And where is my cookie?
Nov. 4th, 2003 06:24 pm (UTC)
You never specified if you wanted it on 13th Street, or 13th Street East.

Details, man! I need details!
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